Monday, 7 December 2009


Binged last night on 3 bowls of cereal, 5 packets of crisps, 4 crackers and a big slice fruit cake. I say last night, this was 3am!!! becuz I was so hungry I couldnt sleep. Purged it all obviously, minus two of the bowls of cereal maximum.

so i think i digested about 600cals tops!! weighed myself this morn. . .

THANKGOD!! im exactly the same 107.4 :-)!!!

Then, I binge today 2 as I felt I hadnt binged on what I wanted to, things like icecream, mcdonalds, cake. wotever. so I purge again, a good purge lets be fair. but yeah im done. so over it.

Cant bare the abc anymore, as a girl has 2 sleep n i dont wana binge at frickin 3am agen!! so doing 500cals a day (startin Tues) for a week now! as i no sum1 else did this after wk 1 of the abc :-) xx

Sunday, 6 December 2009

ABC Day 7: 300cals

God, my head was going crazy last night, I couldn't stop thinking about eating cereal! various types! cuz I love cereal lol!! stayed in bed though :-)
Another awesome day, even if I do say so myself. I'm not exercising but when I exercise on the ABC I get so hungry and end up binging! so yeah. . .

v. small bowl unsweetened muesli, skimmed milk: 150
2 eggwhite(30), 1egg omlette (90): 120
sprinkle of pepper and onion: 10
advent calendar choc: 18
sugar free squash: 2
TOTAL: 300cal

Amazing how you can make your intake bang on the mark!! getting good at this!! 107 exact here I come my official weigh in and measurements 2mz morn!! when I wake up 2moro, I'll have done week 1 of the ABC!! :-D!! xx

I can't help weighin myself. . .gr8 news!

Sun 1pm: stepped on the scales, 107.4 lbs!! and my body fat is down to 16%! booya!!

Thats 9lbs lost on the ABC so far, in 6days!!
My official weigh in is Monday (tomorrow!) but I couldn't help myself!

Have had to change all my target weights accordingly, so tomorrows target has gone from 110 originally to 107!! - figure the .4 will drop off tonight lol!

The 14th - 104, The 21st (aka the meeting!)- 101?! would be great to be there in like 2 weeks!! aaah!!

Obviously will post later with my intake xx

Saturday, 5 December 2009

ABC Day 6: 200cals

Ok, woke up, was weak. Waited aslong as I possibly could before eating, got to 1pm :-). Then had training 3.30 till 7pm! gah! took some pro plus to help me though!. . .
I did great!!!

Apple: 65cals
Toast, no crust: 60cal
Teaspoon of tomato puree on it: 10cal
Weight watchers yoghurt: 58cal
Sugar Free Jelly: 4cal
Diet Coke and sugar free squash: 3cal
TOTAL: 200cal

Hungry tonight but I'm fighting through. 300cal 2moro, sounds like such a treat for me. I can't w8 lol, and 400 Monday!! woo!!xx

Day 5 ABC 100cals

Went out last night so couldnt update yday!
Heres what I ate yday:

2 Egg Whites: 30cal
Small Plain salad: 50cal
Advent Choc: 18cal
Diet Cokex2: 2cal
TOTAL: 100cal!

So far so good!!xx

Friday, 4 December 2009

Fri morn motivation weigh in

So I like to weigh myself every other day to make sure I'm seeing results and keep me on track. I hopped on the scales at 12 when I got up . . .

109.4 lbs!!!!

I've done 4 days of the ABC and lost 7 lbs exactly?! hows that possible?! I know we have water weight but I've always been told this was 4lbs, and when I've done ABC before I exercised my ass off and didn't loose this much?! FRICKIN LOVIN IT!!

will check in later with my intake, 100cals, meh!!xx

Thursday, 3 December 2009

ABC Day 4: 400cals

Day 4 400cals
Muller Light: 98cals
2 calendar chocs (18 each): 36cals
Chicken Breast: 110cal
Assorted Veg: 100cal
4 Spoons of thick gravy: 50cal? to be sure!
Pepsi max: 1cal
TOTAL: 395 cal

The chicken and veg really filled me up to, and even though its 6.30pm here I know I'm done eating for today so posting a little earlier tonight. So far so good, but tomorrow is a test, 100cals and 2hrs training. Will be tough xx