Monday, 7 December 2009


Binged last night on 3 bowls of cereal, 5 packets of crisps, 4 crackers and a big slice fruit cake. I say last night, this was 3am!!! becuz I was so hungry I couldnt sleep. Purged it all obviously, minus two of the bowls of cereal maximum.

so i think i digested about 600cals tops!! weighed myself this morn. . .

THANKGOD!! im exactly the same 107.4 :-)!!!

Then, I binge today 2 as I felt I hadnt binged on what I wanted to, things like icecream, mcdonalds, cake. wotever. so I purge again, a good purge lets be fair. but yeah im done. so over it.

Cant bare the abc anymore, as a girl has 2 sleep n i dont wana binge at frickin 3am agen!! so doing 500cals a day (startin Tues) for a week now! as i no sum1 else did this after wk 1 of the abc :-) xx

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